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Was healing part of the journey?

It’s been a whirlwind year

Of transformational change

I cried a lot

Questioned myself

Lost friends

Gained friends

Needed solitude

But wanted connection

Lost direction

Found new paths

Meditated a lot

Danced A lot

Walked a lot

Questioned myself

Questioned others

I’ve sat quiet

Lost and found my creative spark

Said goodbye to Social Media

Healed a lot

Cried some more

Meditated a lot

Healed some more

Studied hard

Saw through the shit

Aligned myself

And now say hello to new beginnings

A year of growth

Following my purpose

Chasing the sun

Creative memories

Connecting and helping others

Healing more

Loving more

Watching the sunrise

Following the sunsets

Being authentically me

Allowing my spiritual growth

Trusting the process

Much luv, Kara xx

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