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How do you lean into it?

It’s one of those things I’ve been told over and over again. “You have spirit and intuition in you, you need to lean into it”. How do you even do that? What does that even look like?

Look I know I’ve always had good intuition and tuned into what was going on, gut instincts about things, situations and people. I’d turn a blind eye for some of it and other times I’d tune right in and could tell you something was happening or about to happen.

I remember the time I worked in recruitment when I was twenty. We sat on a big open plan office floor, full of desks set up like a stockbrokers floor. My team sat at one end and could openly see across the whole floor. I remember the Managing Director pacing up and down with this stressed look on his face. He was a lovely guy, always up for banter and a joke but had an authority about him that we knew when work was work and when play was play. He had a team member in his office which was behind clear office wall. We could see in, see the team member with his head in his hands. I’d whispered to a fellow work friend that I thought he was “firing people” and one by one as people starting heading in and out of the MD’s office it was soon very apparent what was going on. I was right. I felt the tension and could cut it with a knife.

There was another time in a different job where I felt this uneasy vibe about my boss. He was married to a lovely lady. I was new in the job but something just didn’t feel right. I was an Executive Assistant and knew all of his appointments. But there were random appointments in his diary that I just couldn’t figure out or knew nothing about. It was strange. He was a hard arse boss, work hard but played harder, arrogant, toxic behaviour, aggressive and more. Many experiences I walked away from that job taught me things I would never do or be if I was ever to be a boss, but there were many great things I learnt. I learnt negotiation, strength, business wit, understanding finances, standing up for what I believe, HR qualification and more. I fast figured out those appointments in his calendar, the “meetings” in the “fitzroy” with no action name or location were that of another woman. Something that didn’t sit easy with me but I stuck to my professional job at hand.

Oh and that other time I went to my Spiritual Healer and discussed that something wasn’t right. Not right with someone close to me, someone I worked with. I raised a few points around the feelings I had. My gut was yuk, my frustration was high but I turned a blind eye to it and questioned myself about how I was feeling. But I wasn’t wrong. My gut was right. I’d closed my third eye to my surroundings and chose to ignore it as it was a complicated situation.

You see it’s always been in me. I just didn’t always trust it, channel it or lean into it. It wasn’t until the year that was 2020 when I had a Psychic reading after a really shitful situation where I needed direction and guidance that I found myself understanding “lean into it”. I’d hit rock bottom and went through a healing phase myself. I was really “leaning” into my spirituality, my crystals, meditation, my angels and being guided by my instinct.

Where this would take me, I’m not sure. I was lost but being guided. How does that even make sense? What I did start to understand was that I was “leaning” in. And by leaning in I found the true sense of the word to be was being “guided and following that path”. So if that means I’m yet to find the rainbow at the end of the path I’m still walking the path and taking the journey.

Love and light, Kara xx

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