About Moi

I'm Kara Vaina, a Spiritual and Mindful Biz Mumma to two amazing boys and wife to a supportive husband who's also my best mate. 

In 2016 I suffered a mental breakdown which was a shock to everyone, including myself. I had a young baby that I was struggling to parent and was simply struggling in every aspect of my life. 

I chose to put my hand up and get help at the same time launching My Mindful Year, a mindful stationery and gift business that was my shining light through all of my challenges. I created products (and still do) to support the everyday person beginning or supporting their mindful journey which in turn supports their mental health. 

I've always had this intuitive feeling and been told by many spiritual readers that i have spirit within me and I had to follow.  Throughout my mindful journey, lots of personal development, plenty of spiritual healing, journaling, meditating, exercising, as well as acupuncture, psychologists, creative outlets and reiki I found a shining light to heal and clear energetic blocks. 

Drawn to this practice, Reiki has a unique gift to move energy where needed so I'm following my purpose and after studying through 2020/21 I'm now ready to assist you move your energy blocks and get clarity. 

Why Work with me


Mindful Biz Mumma

Founder - My Mindful Year

Experience in successful ecomm business My Mindful Year


Reiki Healer

Taking her own spiritual journey

Experience in taking her own spiritual journey for healing.

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