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A personality trait I'm proud of

I've always worn my heart on my sleeve, take great pride in what I can offer as a value add and am always the first to put my hand up to help people......its funny I can't say the same about a lot of others.

I was always the one that would get worried if I made a mistake at work and had to find a solution to fix it, getting upset and yes sometimes the odd cry. I would always take pride in my work and take my responsibilities seriously like it was my company or an attack on my character if something went wrong.

You see, I think thats a great personality trait to have...helping others, supporting others, financially, emotionally, physically where I can. I used to get upset when I didn't receive the same in return, or I expected someone would put their hand up to help when I needed it, or really even care personally and wear their heart on their sleeve when something went wrong for me. Funny thing is I've learnt over recent times that my expectations should never be set so high nor should I get upset because its only their own insecurity and unhappiness that does not see them add value, care freely, love unconditionally and provide support to others. And these are the people I don't want, nor need in my life moving forward.

I will always go out of my way to help others, whether they are working with me, in my team or in another team, a friend, family or even a random stranger in need....because you know what, it makes people happier and it also makes me happy inside that I can help others without anything in return.

Yes I was always one of those people that expected others to think the way I think. But, I've realised I was forever judging them based on that if they didn't, expecting them to change or to think unselfishly. However I no longer judge them for this and simply believe they will find their path when the time is right. I'm not hurt, nor angry and nor will I stop ever being me, offering value, support and help to people I feel need, require or value my I'm happy just being me! What I take insult t,o is when my TEAM spirit is questioned. I've grown up in a world of team sport at a competitive level where everyone works together, the team does not win based on one individuals input yet all members contributing. So, to have what I feel is a great team focus questioned is an insult I that touches yet I laugh off because that individual that's questioned such a thing does not know me!

Too often do I have people come to me for advice, I've become their voice of reason, when they are in a spot of bother, feeling hurt or questioning the same thing and yes I tell them the same thing I've just said here. What you need to realise, is that the feelings and emotions you are feeling at the time this happens or where you question someones selfishness is the time you step back, take the emotion out of it and realise its JUST YOUR STORY. Its the story you tell yourself, its the voice in your head that creates the drama so take the emotion away and see it is what it is, its their journey (not yours) and its for them to find happiness for they are the ones that are insecure, selfish, and not finding their inner peace.

So to the people out there like me who are always the TEAM player, always FIRST to help, always WANTING TO ADD VALUE continue on and don't ever doubt yourself, your morals and what you have to offer. There are people out there that do appreciate it, so congratulations to you all for wearing your heart on your sleeve and continue to just be YOU.

And to the people who have the nerve to question this wonderful personality trait, you need to find your journey of happiness. Dig deep to see what it is thats making you so selfish and unhappy where adding value and support is not your first option. Its not for me to judge you nor do I care for your story but its for the world to see there are people with big hearts and whatever you put out you get back tenfold. Its not a matter of posting out on social media that you are a making a positive difference, you have a wonderful life full of love etc its how you make people feel and how they remember you for how you made them feel. I will always remember someone for how they made me feel, the support they have offered, the value they have added to my life......can someone say that you made a positive difference to them? If not, maybe take a look at yourself!

This is not a story of self pity or directed at any one individual, its a story of congratulations to all the people out there than can relate to this and will continue making a difference. We as women do take things to heart, we do get hurt and we love to rant but ladies please have your rant and move on fast as these emotions suck the happiness out of your soul. Don't take it personal.

Its just THEIR journey!

Celebrate the wins because you are truly wonderful people!

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