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Are you prepared to sacrifice for your own happiness?

We often work hard, make sacrifices and question whether our goal and or passion is really ever worth it…..the time spent on the computer, on the phone, late nights, brain ticking constantly, worry about what can and will go wrong and many more questions we ask ourselves. There are so many of us that ride the rollercoaster ride seeking to better ourselves, following our heart, thinking every minute of the day about where we are heading, but have you learnt the right things to sacrifice??

When I first started on my personal development journey I would always worry about others opinion of me, let negative energy into my positive little bubble, try to please everyone, say “I can’t” and worry about the mistakes that will be made along the way. As I grew from the soul searching, and started to listen to the right people, my mentors I finally recognized that I was sacrificing things in my life, but in the wrong areas.

Some of the key areas that I have fixed in my life in the last two years which have really helped me evolve into the person I am today are:

  • Stopped comparing myself to others…..I no longer care about how long it took others, want what others have, worry about what sort of mother I am and many more things. Comparing yourself to others steals your happiness and occupies too much of your thoughts

  • Asking myself “what if” in the negative light instead of saying “what if it goes right” “what if it turns out ok”. My father always challenged me/us in hockey with this saying but I spent too much time worrying about what can go wrong instead of what can go right. This is now a motto I live by; and really “what if it doesn’t turn out, then I’ve learnt along the way”

  • Trying to please everybody. Nobody wants to be disliked by saying “no”. We think it can be to the detriment of ourselves and if you’re anything like me and have a case of FOMO (fear of missing out) then you’ve always been a people pleaser, a YES person. Well I’ve learnt to say no, not having to justify my reasons, if I can’t do something, if something is not in the best interest of my team members, people I mentor, my family and friends I will say “No”. The difference this has made in my life has been extraordinary.

  • Perception…..I’ve changed the way I perceive life. I was always the smart arse, the joker and sometimes can still be but in a different manner. I realized I was doing this as an insecurity or defence mechanism when I wasn’t comfortable in a situation. The change in the way I thought of myself, perceived myself and that of others which has helped me grow. I now see the positive, not complain (as much lol) as I realized this is only my perception, my thoughts I’m telling myself, racket with myself

  • Justify who I’ve become…..I spent time earlier on justifying to people, friends, family about who I’ve become, my positive energy, the fact that I inspire others to achieve greatness, who I coach, whom I associate with, the different like minded people and the training, courses, studies, sacrifices that I’ve made . NOW I can say I’m content with who I am, who I have become and where I am heading so the approval of others is not something I seek and laugh at the people that still see me for who I was and not whom I've become.

I ask you whether these simple things are sacrifices you are wiling to make to take yourself forward, to follow your life goal and passion and achieve greatness. Success isn’t judged by money or material things its simply judged on your own happiness, self acceptance and personal growth.

Is it just success you want or happiness?

Much Luv, K xx

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