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Anything and Everything is Possible

So I've been busy of late working with a number of inspirational people that have had some huge struggles in life and worked to overcome them. Dealing with fear, risks, challenges and the past can be daunting......and through over coming such things, I've helped them understand that only "I can choose the path I want to live". We all listen to the voices in our head and the stories we add to things like "why did she say that" "what did he mean by that" "whats his alterior motive" "you can't do that" "you're not good enough" but the sooner we come to realise that that voice isn't "US" we learn that its all ONE BIG STORY!

In dealing with all of this, they had some really honest conversations with people, mentors, and friends and had to become accountable, emotional, apologise for things, taken responsibility as well as standing up for beliefs and what is wrong and right. Through doing this it really helped them grow and let go of what was, accept what is and know that what is to become is going to be fabulous. the've cleared their brain of any doubt, realised that when people say "NO" they are only saying "NO" and not "no, I don't like you" "No, you're not good enough" they are now taking a stand and commit to the fact that they are going to live an EXTRAordinary life. We only have one shot at life so why not make it a good one. Take chances, be unreasonable, challenge others, laugh hard, love well and most of all LAUGH HARD!

I too, have had a spring in my step and clarity after working with these people and seeing their growth and change in attitude. They have now committed to their word to achieve so much in the coming months and years and will take every necessary step to get it done and I will work closely with them during this time to ensure it happens. Stop procrastinating cos life is going to pass you by before you know it so just remember;


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