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Looking through rose coloured glasses

Ever admired someone that you see through all the lies with rose coloured glasses?

Yes we've all been there, done that.

I recently had an acquaintance speak to me about being taken advantage of. Known to all his friends as the successful party animal, he is the first person to put his hand up if you are in need of help.....that is until he was recently taken advantage of.

Yes it is too often that I see the kindest and most giving hearts being taken advantage of. My advice to them is, learn from it and don't put yourself in the same situation again. It is these hard situations that teach us the biggest lessons in life. Whether its friendship, loyalty, love, business or even financial assistance that you offer and are continually taken for a ride, it is only ourselves that we need to look to for change.

There is only so many times you can politely acknowledge the stories you are being told, even when they don't make sense that you start to feel that the rose coloured glasses are soon becoming black and white. Being positive, supportive, loving and caring is a great trait to have as well as seeing the best in others but sometimes, yes sometimes there are times where we have to call "bullshit".

In tough and challenging times look to yourself and see that you have experienced life, that you can say "no" next time, that you haven't a regret because you have learnt from it, that you will become a stronger and better person for the challenge you have faced.

Fool me once, shame on you!

Fool me twice, shame on me!

Last but not least, all of these lessons, challenges and experiences you have faced just be sure that you don't go down the same path the next time.

So for all of those kind and giving souls, be sure to take the rose coloured glasses off every now and then and see that life and people will sometimes take advantage of you but its how you respond that shows YOUR true character.

Love & Light, Kara

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