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Don't be that person

You've just started out in business, direct sales, network marketing, your own business and you are so excited because you have great momentum. You see the potential in your earning capacity and it excites you, you have dreams and goals, you love your product, there's no other product like it on the market so you start working your warm market. You tell all your friends and family about it and are excited to share it to the world. Some support you, some don't, some act like they support you but actions speak louder than words but hey thats the way the cookie crumbles.

So its about now you start shouting to the world what is so exciting, why you love what you do, why you do what you do but are wondering why people don't seem to be buying into your story, your product. Its because you have turned into a "Car Salesman" and are verbally vomitting on them. No one likes to be sold to, so don't do it.

Don't be that person that spams everyones newsfeed with product pictures, join my team posts, desperately begging others to help you.

Don't be that person that connects with others and hits them up with a sales pitch in the first message, first chat etc. Nobody likes it, and it turns people off straight away.

Lets be honest, we've all done it. You aren't the first and won't be the last but if you can learn from someone thats seen the highs and lows of business, MLM, an online clothing business etc hear this......Its about building a connection, relationship with people, Let people into your world, let them engage with you, let them understand you, why you do what you do, who you are.

People buy, work and join people they trust, connect with on a deeper level, who they look up to, who they admire, who they can see will support them right, who can provide them the customer service they want, who follow up. It simply comes down to being authentic and present when building a relationship with them. Get to know people, go to networking events, attend social gatherings and just be friends.

Don't blurt out in the first 30 seconds you want them to join your team, listen to them talk, find out what makes them tick, what they do, their likes/dislikes and find a common ground from there. You may find you have more in common and a deeper connection with someone when you really get to know them therefore building their trust in you.

Be patient, its a long term vision, but the reward will pay off......just don't be THAT person!

Have a fabulous week,

Cheers, K

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