New Beginnings...

"Celebrate endings, for they proceed new beginnings"

I've had 3 wonderful years with Social ConXN and I've been lucky to work with some amazing clients, host some wonderful events, manage some great projects.....and that's what I will continue to do. Thank you to all that have sent lovely messages or called me to check in, it's been much appreciated, thank you.

I'm not going to lie, it's been an emotional 8 weeks for me, working through Covid and managing the emotions of saying to goodbye to what was a great brand and business.

Going through this with been mentally and emotionally tough, but I wish Bec all the best for her "new" direction.

But, and there's a BIG BUT, this new fresh beginning for me, will allow my creativity to flow more, to really coach and help people with what I'm passionate about......creative social media. I love helping people, inspiring them, coaching them and giving them the confidence to lift their social media brand presence. I'll still be here supporting and helping you with my creative social media ideas, collaboration campaigns and 1:1 coaching as you've come to love and know me for.

So, in light of that, i'm so excited to let you all know that I'm officially OPEN #YAY. I've been working hard behind the scenes on a variety of "amazing social media services for amazing biz peeps" by providing a range of coaching and training services to suit any budget or knowledge.

I realise that not everyone can afford costly Social Media Management and may just need a little direction, want some advise for a creative campaign, a social media brand template kit (tiles for socials), need some coaching or might want customised training specific to you and where your business is at. Heck, I'll even be your creative biz gal pal and help you with some creative content, cos who hasn't been left without content when you don't have a friend to hold the camera, shoot some IGTV or Instastory content and have someone that gets the quality of a good social media photo. Meeeeeee!

So, if you've been considering stepping up your social media brand presence, need some direction, coaching, training, content or general help then let's chat!


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