You are not "entitled"

It's not your right and nobody owes you anything. You get back what you put out, so the more "entitled" you treat this life the more the universe will deliver what you deserve.

It's often the ones you don't expect to be entitled, are the ones with a chip on their shoulders. Well there's this thing called life and the fact that everyone has ups and downs, but we all fight through them. Successful people work hard for themselves, their passion, their vision, their dreams and their life. And I'm not talking about just successful business people. Successful people being successfully themselves.

Success comes in all shapes and forms and means so many different things to so many different people. But the two things these people all have in common is they never gave up and they never believed the world owed them something or they were "entitled". Success is within yourself. It's success at being a good person and not an arsehole.

It doesn't matter what background you have, if you're a single parent, a struggling mumma, if you have wealth, the colour of your skin, your age, size or even the car you drive. It's the fact that you should wake up everyone morning grateful for the life you have and want to be a good person.

Life throws challenges, good and bad but it's how you treat people through these times that moulds you into the person you are. Entitled people can be downright rude, think the world owes them something, and often left wondering why no-one has their back when they need it. And it's because it comes down to how they treat people. One word = Arseholes.

I'm not writing this directed at anyone in particular however I have seen my fair share of "entitled" people over the years and more so now in business, yet I'm simply pointing out that to get anywhere in life and to be happy we must first look within ourselves to see if we are successful within ourself. Are you?

Next time you are acting out, treating people like they owe you something, speaking down to someone try acknowledging this, realise there is a nicer way to be, look within yourself and ask "why"? Seek and you shall find.

Just some thoughts to ponder this week......much luv, Kara xx

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