Discrediting Opposition: Class or Ass?

Its the key rule in sales....never discredit or bag out your opposition. Well that's what I was always taught when I started out at the ripe old age of 18, however it seems its the trendy thing to do at the moment.

Social Media allows us to follow the journey of many Entrepreneurs, Companies and so forth, and it lets us into the world of what you are like as a person. What do you want people to relate to? How do you perceive yourself? And will people align with someone or a company that speaks about their opposition?

I've been sold cars where salesman speak about cars in the same class, I've spoken to real estate agents where they talk badly of other real estate agents and there is nothing more off putting to be honest. If you can't sell, share your story or get your message across without slamming your opposition you are in the wrong job, profession or field.

I'm an advocate for supporting one another, even other businesses within the same field or genre of business as me because there is plenty of success for everyone. Its cringe worthy to see on a daily basis how business people and entrepreneurs are potentially ruining their brand by openly discredting their competition. As I always say "people don't buy what you are selling, they buy into why you are selling it" so get good at sharing your story authentically and allow people to relate to you......not the off-putting bullshit you believe is attractive.

For me, the ability to "bang on and slam" other businesses, competitive products and brands is something I completely disconnect with because it shows me more than I want to know about the integrity of YOU. If you are good at what you are do, you can build a business through supporting, guiding, adding value and empowering your competitors because it only makes you industry stronger and more creditable.

Throughout Get Business & Social Smart workshops its a key criteria we teach, to add value, build a loyal brand through authenticity and ensure your consumer, customer, potential business partner look to you for leadership, mentorship, information, empowerment, and simply just being real. Discrediting your Opposition to put simple: Is just being an Ass with NO Class.

Share the love around for your competitor, opposition, similar brands and businesses because the loyal consumer will love you for it, come back to you and you never know, you may just get a little love back from your competitor too.

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