Hobby or Business: Which one is it?

You take the plunge, you join an MLM, Direct Sales business or you start your own Small Business. You’re 6 months pregnant with your second child so life is pretty hectic and you want to have a little side income while on maternity leave or taking on full time mum duties.

You have a passion which you’ve started making money from so where to now?

Yes we’ve all been there….I started my first 2 businesses as little hobbies and was happy to make a little bit of money here and there which became Kara’s funds to shop with lol. When I look back now I see that I never really took them seriously. They were great little hobbies but I just didn’t put the time in and treat them like a business. I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t focus, I wasn’t passionate enough about them. I never had a business plan, I didn’t know what a Brand Marketing strategy was, I didn’t understand what a “niche” was and I certainly didn’t monitor financials like I should have.

Fast forward to where I am now and how serious I focus, follow my intuition, passion and strategic planning, I now have a BUSINESS not a HOBBY. I’m a Business Woman with kids not a Mum with a Business. The difference; I don’t make my kids my excuse for my business. I make time for them, I choose to work the hours around them to give me flexibility but I never use them as an excuse for my business not to work. Things like “not enough sleep, I’m busy with the kids, I don’t have the time” etc. aren't excuses for me or in my book. I plan everything, around my kids, around their sleep times, school pick ups, our social calendar, weekends, evenings etc. Time blocking and planning 2-3 weeks ahead is a must when you are a Mother with a business.

Now there’s nothing wrong with having a Hobby aka Side Hustle but please make sure your expectation allows for that. I’ve had a few clients recently talk to me about “my brand and social media isn’t bringing in sales” and “I’m not making consistent income”. Now that’s probably because they are running their business as a hobby and not a business.

If your vision is to parent your children, make no allowances or sacrifices, use them as an excuse, and always wonder if you’ll ever really make a steady income, then don't have an expectation you'll have a huge income within 18 months. A hobby income can be inconsistent, it’s a little bonus here and there which is fabulous as an add on. Your expectation should be just that. If however you are seeking to make steady and consistent income please ensure that your expectation of work output, focus and planning is at the level required to achieve this.

A business requires a Business Plan, a Brand Marketing Plan, a Vision, and a strategy to execute which takes consistency and determination. Why? Because it gives you goals to reach, you can manage your progress to make sure you are heading in right direction, are you reaching your target audience, is what I’m doing both online and behind the scenes productive money making activity or just brand awareness. All of these things are imperative.

A lot of the Direct Sales and MLM Professionals that I work with and mentor have never written a Business Plan or Brand Marketing Stategy/Plan because they don’t understand they are running a business and can’t see the relevance. Since implementing a number of key strategies they are now more focussed about where their demographic is, what their target audience is, their vision and where its heading and can deliver their message on social media a lot more accurately and concise.

Yes, MLM and Direct Sales already have a Product Marketing Strategy from the company they join, you are given tools and resources to assist but don’t forget your business and business community is still unique to you. Therefore, implementing a Brand Marketing Strategy sets you apart from any other distributor, team member, consultant etc within your own company so you can build your own tribe, loyal fan base and successful business.

So, set your expectation, treat it like a business if that’s what you want from it, write yourself a business plan and work out a killer Brand Marketing Strategy to implement, that will grow your business organically and successfully.

There really is a difference between a Hobby or a Business, a Biz Mum or a Business Woman with kids....its your choice, your mindset, your focus

and your own expectation that sets them apart.

If you’re wanting help with a Brand Marketing Strategy or a Social Media Brand Marketing campaign email me to chat: kara@karavaina.com

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