Remaining Authentic and NOT Spammy on Instagram

Oh I'm excited for this blog today because I'm totally girl crushing on Tracy Harris of Mums With Hustle and I'm honoured to have her guest blog for me this month. Here she shares so many tips, links to podcasts and so much more. If you're wanting to build your Insta account the right way, listen in.

Tracy Harris is an energised wife, mother, Instagram strategist, content marketer, bizmum blogger and professional podcasting host on her Podcast, Mums With Hustle. The weekly podcast is one part of the Mums With Hustle business which aims to uplift and educate Mums in business with positive mindset, work habits and actionable advice. The aim is to unlock the potential of the MWH in order to grow their online presence, all the while, acknowledging the complexities of having your own business and being a mother. It’s about mothers supporting and not competing. It’s about action not about dreaming and it’s all about passion and purpose! on for all her goodness and click the links to check out her wonderful podcasts that I too have learnt so much from in my business may even see a guest appearance podcast by yours truly.

That word.

Authentic. We hear it all the time.

To some degree, I think it’s one of those buzz words at the moment which makes it all the more obvious (in my opinion) to sniff out a wolf in sheep’s clothing, also known as a spammy, disingenuine biz owner or brand.

It can be tricky to learn the ropes of any social media platform. Beginning on Instagram, as a newbie, can often feel like you’ve landed in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, yet you love the vibe and you can’t wait to become a part of it! But before you dip your brand’s precious, hardworking toe into the fastest growing social media platform on the web, you need to know how NOT to damage your rep by coming off as spammy. Or you’ll soon be left wondering why you seem to be losing as many followers as you seem to be gaining. Instagram is FUN and you can build your authentic brand over on Insta quicker than you can on Facebook or other social platforms for that matter.

Here are 5 core ways that you can avoid coming across as spammy and see success on Instagram:

1) Find your voice

Be yourself. Sounds cliche but being yourself means that you can write in the first person. It also means that you don’t have to pretend to be something you aren’t. Trust me, just because it seems to work for someone else, doesn’t mean that posting the same sorts of things, or writing captions in the same way is going to work for you! In fact, it’s a bit icky (ok, a lot icky) to try an imitate someone else’s look i.e. their colours, their style, their voice… I might also add, users are savvy! They know when someone is trying to imitate a fellow brand and they can sniff it out when a biz is trying to maintain a facade that it clearly isn’t.

If you take on a voice that isn’t authentically yours, you will soon run out of things to say and writing captions will also feel like you are trying to climb Everest every time! Writing a caption should never be that much work! If you are known for jokes or sassy language, if you are known for throwing in the odd F-bomb, or if your writing style is more emotional and you’re known for telling stories, or if you like to keep things bright, brief and to the point - DO THAT. Just be you. Write as you speak IRL (In Real Life).

2) Don't post for the sake of just posting

Only post if you have something of value. What does that mean? Well, if you have to scratch your head for each one of your 3 posts for that day, maybe you need to focus on just one quality post instead and then work your way up from there. When trying to build your following it is recommended that you post 2-3 times a day but only if you’ve got something worth sharing, otherwise you’ll notice more unfollows.

3) Always give credit

Reposting from another account is a GREAT way to help a fellow biz and START a relationship of collaboration and cross promotion BUT you should always credit where the original post came from ESPECIALLY if they have gone to the trouble of watermarking their image.

If you are reposting from a secondary source (meaning it's been reposted before), then it's nice to credit both the original source and the account that you found it on e.g. 📷 from @xxx via @xxx.

If there are multiple businesses tagged in the original image (a flatlay for example) and you wish to repost it, the nice thing to do is tag ALL the accounts featured.

Yes, it takes time, but it's really about building relationships and everyone wins!

To help you remember who's tagged, simply tap on the original image, take a screenshot of the tags and then apply that to your repost.

This small gesture will help you go a long way!

Always do what you would like others to do for you.

I don't like the look of reposting apps so I take a screenshot of their post and crop it to square and then use that (with the above etiquette).

4) Make it less about you

Your account exists for your audience- make it a place that they want to stop by. Tell stories, build relationships, add value, sprinkle in your pitches/sales offerings but don't just make your account for the hard sell. If all your posts ever do is show your item and ask for the sell, you'll soon have people glazing over and disconnecting from your brand. Keep building that relationship, trust and authority and you will become front of mind when they are ready to part with their hard earned cash.

5) Try as best as you can to post in the moment

This is a tough one (that's why I left it till last) because I know how time poor we are as solopreneurs doing it all. But trust me, posting in the moment oozes genuineness and authenticity. Why? Because you are writing from the heart. Your current mood comes out as you feel it. That's what "Insta" was made for, after all. If you have to schedule posts I recommend using HootSuite, Plann, or Websta.

Being authentic and social media savvy is necessary to build an organic and thriving Instagram following.

If you want to know more about how you can build your Instagram following by being authentic and social media savvy, CLICK HERE or on the image below and I'll send you 6 more tips and my 2 part Instagram podcast on "How To Frustrate Your Followers" where I share the common Insta mistakes brands often make.

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I can't wait to help you up your confidence and find the fun in the Insta hustle. You can learn more about me here.

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