The Importance of Self Awareness whilst building your Brand Marketing Plan

Is it important to your business? Hell yeah…..its essential. It doesn’t matter whether you are a bricks and mortar business, home based business, online, retail, service based or MLM/Direct Sales, a Brand Marketing strategy is imperative. I’ve worked closely with MLM and Direct Sales Entrepreneurs in the last two years and have found they have never identified this to be a high priority because they see it as their “side hustle” or “hobbie” but the more serious you take these things the more likely you are to succeed.

Marketing is not advertising or sales, its identifying and knowing your customers needs and wants and positioning your product or service in the market. Branding is your story, your “why” which is shared to others, by others and the reality behind your product or business.

A recent client came to me lacking focus and understanding of who her demographic was and what her brand marketing strategy was because she had been too busy focussing on trying to appeal to everyone. This showed she hadn’t never worked deep to understand herself which in turn helps understand her niche….but what it also showed was that because her business had never done a brand marketing strategy or analysis she was unable to clearly define how to sell or advertise her product.

There are six key principles that make up your brand which you need to identify when building your Brand Marketing Strategy. These consist of:

Your Mission: This is what you want to do, your reasoning, what you want to create

Your Vision: This is your “why”, why you’re doing what you’re doing, your big goal and dream

Your Values: This is your beliefs, what you make every day decisions based on which aren’t compromised

Your Positioning: This is a description of how your product/service with offer a solution, your target audience and demographic and for who

Your Value Proposition: This is a description/sentence of how your product/service will add value to the life’s of your customers and clients

Your Tagline: This is a catchy statement that relays what you are all about

All of the above is not something that is to be ‘made up’, its to be true genuine information which assists you in building your story, and more importantly relay your story and message on social media. So how do we do that? Work methodically through these questions, giving as much time and detail as possible. Once that is done (it may take you weeks, it may take you a day) we start to deconstruct it to work on key elements that we can focus on and express online.

I see all too often businesses that have not done this, can’t relay their message effectively and get caught up working in the business and not on the business. This message can make or break a business, it can really connect to your clients building trust and loyalty, and can have others talking and selling your business for you if done correctly.

Now, when identifying such key aspects to your business its essential to be open and honest with yourself as self awareness is a key component to this working effectively. Don’t compare your journey to others, don’t compare your business, if small to a multi million dollar business because your journey is your journey.

You may also need to work through your deep “why” which highly focussed on self awareness, passion, values and beliefs to help you work through building your brand marketing plan because these go hand in hand. Knowing your “why” and the 6 principles to that will then in turn make it easier to build your brand authentically as you are clearer on your vision.

I hope this little insight is enough to get your started………..

Now get cracking and enjoy working through the process, it’s a lot of fun.

Much love, K xx

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