The Attack of the Green Eyed Monster

So often had I heard of other people in business speak about the lack of support received by friends and family, others jealous of their success as well as trolls and the green eyed monster appearing. BUT....I'd only received this on a minor scale until recently because my family had always supported and most of my friends....well real friends anyway lol.

Yup the Green Eyed Monster has been rearing its ugly head and to be honest I actually find it so amusing that I laugh about it with my mum and sister. I'll tell you why....because I find it ironic that i do nothing but support others, help and genuinely love seeing others succeed in their business that the fact that there are people out there trolling my posts, talking behind my back and watching every little thing I do and say on social media and either commenting negatively on it or spitefully acting against it makes me laugh.

I was told only recently from a mentor that had been trolled seriously on social media and I said "i've never received it serious enough to care" and its like she knew it was coming and maybe I manifested it I don't know. But yup its here.......its popping up left, right and centre but I continue to smile, reply, share the love even to those shit people commenting and talking cos I'm bigger than that.

In the last 3 years I've helped get peoples business off the ground, provided unwavering support to people for FREE, unlimited tagging on Facebook for referrals in business groups, spent hours upon hours counselling people over the phone for not even a thank you, a bunch of flowers or even a call when times were tough for me. I'll continue to do this because thats the person I am. I'm caring, supportive, compassionate, loyal and always there to help but remember one thing......karma comes back. I believe in giving back, in sending good energy and positivity because thats the energy that I love to receive but I won't continue to accept that negative shit energy in my life because there is nothing more liberating than walking away from what doesn't serve you.

I often speak with clients and women at networking events that speak of their fear of judgement, fear of validation, fear of what others might say, fear of what people think on social media.....but I don't give a shit. These keyboard warriors are too gutless to say it to my face, these insignificant people in my life have nothing better to do with their own and their opinion DOES NOT MATTER to me and nor should it. So I say to you all out there that struggle with the FEAR of judgement, negative gossip, lack of support and even trolling on social media. Don't....Don't let it get in the way of what you want to achieve, don't let it misguide you, don't let it waiver your passion and remember that your WHY is bigger than anyones opinion.

So to sign off for this one I leave you with this - Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has got one.

Much love to you all out there hustling to make a difference.

Cheers, K xx

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