How To Setup A Social Media Strategy

So you're wanting to nail your social media content for 2017 but don't know where to start.....cue Bec Stenner of Social Status Mgt.

This awesome lady is my go to girl for all things content, and I just love her fascination with pink. Yup, I'm all over her social media content like a rash. And she's nailing it.

So I thought I get her to share with you all a Social Media Content Strategy to get you all going....and make sure 2017 is epic. Tune in below to hear her pearls of wisdom.

In daily conversations I think I hear the words “Oh you know a thing or two about social media, I need something to put on my Facebook today, give me some idea’s”

This sends shivers up my content planning spine….

So my friends let’s have chat about having a clear content strategy, without strategy, content is just stuff and the world has enough stuff (Arjun Basu)

I totally get the feeling of being overwhelmed and lost in the social media maze.

Let’s get a plan happening for you right now!!

Get a pen and paper and write down these questions

1. Setting a clear objective: Start with the end in mind, what is your goal, what do you want to

achieve on social media?

Do you want more followers, grow your brand awareness, create new customers, boost your

engagement, and increase your reach? You can have more than one.

Don’t forget to give yourself sometime time frames around this & how you will measure your

these outcomes.

2. Who is your target audience? Create a profile of your ideal audience.

Know where your audience spends their online time – what content resonates with them, what

are their interests, what questions are they asking, what problems you can solve, gender, age,

income, etc.

3. What’s your brands purpose? What emotions do you hope to rouse through your brands visuals & message? What’s your brands story? What is your why??

4. Content talks to people, when you are developing your story you need think about your brands tone of voice, it’s your brands personality, think about the way you will write and your brand as

an objective, is your brand inspiring, funky, cool, motivating, funny or professional?

5. Know your competitors – this can help you pick up if there are any gaps in their content & that

could just become your niche. This will also give you some inspiration BUT DO NOT plagerise

someone else’s content without crediting them. Remember collaboration over competition.

6. BE YOU – People LOVEEEEEE authentic, real, honest people. Content marketing is about

personality, being open, relevance and being unique. So have fun.

So I hope this has helped with getting a strategy in place to avoid the scramble for what to post & gets you another step closer to nailing your social media!!

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