What is your Authentic Brand?

So, what is an Authentic Brand? Are you getting it all wrong? Most Entrepreneurs are when it comes to building a brand because they think its all pretty colours, a website name, inspiring quotes and materialistic bullcrap that no one resonates with.

I see daily on social media, Entrepreneurs building their product brand or their company brand through unethical product sales, prospecting and hard core selling but the harsh reality is, people just disconnect with you and what you’re selling. These tactics may work for a short term but long term people no longer relate to you or what you’re providing so your business is not sustainable.

There is a big misconception that people buy into your fabulous life, your fabulous product and your positivity but in actual fact this style of branding is very short lived. These simple branding mistakes are costing many Entrepreneurs long term sustainable businesses because they just can’t maintain living a lie. Their prospective clients and customers no longer resonate with them once they see what goes on behind the scenes or the end to end service is not up to scratch.

Your “Authentic Brand” is your “Unique Selling Point” and that is YOU, your SOUL and what drives YOU. Its how YOU make your customers feel, its how they remember YOU, its how they relate to YOU.

You should be building your personal brand authentically as it doesn’t matter whether you have a bricks and mortar store, are in construction, consulting, retail, direct sales or even an employee. People follow People.

Here’s 5 Top Tips for building an Authentic Brand:

  • Who is your target audience and why? How and why do you relate to them and they relate to you?

  • Let people into YOU as a person on social media, behind the scenes as a mother etc

  • Share your authentic story on why you do what you do…..and not just for financial freedom (the number one answer when speaking with people)

  • Don’t try to be someone you’re not (its ok to look up to someone as a mentor but don’t replicate what they do, you are unique to you)

  • Think about what you love doing, what truly makes you happy and what your passion is and build a following around that……they are your tribe!

Think about it this way, if you worked for an Accounting firm and were awesome at what you do, were relatable, raw, honest and provided an end to end service that your customer valued then you are irreplaceable. Your employer is less inclined to allow you to move on, resign or start your own practice as he/she realises that your client base will follow you……so why is it any different if you own your own business?

So, in a world of social media where people follow your every move, where you're interacting with like-minded individuals at networking events and even your friends, acquaintances and customer service staff you meet in the local café. Be real, be Authentic because the impact you make on them will leave a lasting memory.

Build a following based on your passion, your honesty, your life story because people love to feel included. Take social media celebrities for example, all they’ve done is be real, shared things about their life, their likes, dislikes etc. People love this, they relate to the emotions behind it, the realness, so their brand allows them to move into any direction, with any company or product because their brand is THEM not what they are necessarily selling.

So on that note, I'm signing out to go sort these two kids and their dinner, hashtag #mumlife because life for me isn't all roses, its motherhood, its little sleep but its creating memories, learning and loving the journey.

Signing off, Kara :)

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