What better way to start 2017

What better way to start the New Year and 2017 than with a New look, New Challenges and New and exciting things to come.

I’m not a huge believer in resolutions because really any day is the right day to make change but I was looking for a fresh look as 2017 is the year (in numerology) to set intention, setting new goals and new starts so yup that’s me.

As many people were wishing 2016 would hurry up and finish, I reflected back on all of the wonderful things, experiences, challenges, laughs, cries, detours, good times and hard times. I have to say that I had an awesome year. All of these things were wonderful learnings, teaching me and creating wonderful memories. I’m not saying it was all roses because it definitely wasn’t. Anyone that runs their own business knows there is heartache, there are worries, there are struggles, there is self doubt, there are extreme highs as well as extreme lows but looking back I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for everything that I’ve experienced……and for that I’m grateful.

Looking forward I’m excited for what’s to come. Keopha was a huge learning curve for me last year and with that came an overwhelming response…..one we didn’t see coming. So its time to scale the business and introduce more exciting products to the market. For me I worked a lot with Women in Business educating and helping them take their business, brand and social media presence up a level which was such a rewarding experience. So I’m excited to continue that this year and step it up a level or two. I have some wonderful Workshops coming, One on One mentoring as well as some New and Exciting news that I can share with you soon.

I’ve loved watching each and everyone of you grow over the past 12 months and following your journey. Its been fabulous to watch you try new things, take chances, step outside of your comfort zone, be raw, honest and authentic but most importantly having fun with your brand and social media. Authenticity really does touch the Soul.

So to you all, thank you for all that you contributed and your support I’ve really loved working with you all. I can’t wait to assist you more with your Authentic Branding, Creative Mentoring and Collaborating in 2017…..its going to be epic.

Happy New Year to you all, may your year be filled with happiness, adventure and all the success you would want. Remember what success means to you is unique to you so don’t compare your journey to others. Success to me is learning more, believing more, and seeing I’m moving in the right direction and not stuck in the same place I was last year…….so based on that, 2016 was a success for me.

So, on that note, thanks for joining the journey. Looking forward to the an amazing year ahead.

Much love and happiness, Kara xox

©2017-2020 by Kara Vaina. 

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