Building Trust in your Brand

Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself "what is it that others see?" it the real me or am I selling them someone else?

Consumers don’t like to be sold to…….so how do you build a brand of trust? Through Authenticity of course. And what does that mean to you? Probably not much but if you are building a brand, then seek out what the purpose of your message is, why you do what you do and how you want to achieve this!

In the world of social media the consumer has the upper hand and make much more informed choices when shopping based on research, social media validation, friends, reviews, the brands message and trust. You see…..unless your brand is relatable to people and you follow through with what you say you do then you are just a fraud. People disconnect and see straight through that.

As Simon Sinek from Capture your Flag says in his interview below……the “word Authenticity is too loosely used……..what the word Authenticity actually means is the things you say and the things you do, you actually believe”.

So often do I see Entrepreneurs from a variety of industries using the word "Authenticity" on social media however their actions don’t speak to true to the word. I was recently a Guest Speaker at an event where I spoke about how being "Authentically You" builds trust in your prospective customers, clients and prospects. Its true, people want to engage and purchase from a brand they relate to, from whom they believe, from whom inspires, from whom follows through with what they say they do/are.

You could be selling a $2000 blanket, but if your message isn’t authentic, if your passion isn’t real, and people don’t believe your actions then you’re not relatable and in turn no one will trust you. Gone are the days where over-selling yourself, your brand, fake internet reviews, spruiking your glory and so called success is a story that the consumer relates to, as they are becoming more and more savvy and seeing right through the materialistic bullshit.

Whether you are starting out in business or are established, its ok to mimic your idols, mentors, people you look up to but remember YOU are YOU and people buy into YOU. Learn what works, what doesn’t and then adapt these techniques and findings to you as a person and figure out how you can relay YOUR message in a unique way to your niche market. Think of some of these overnight success social media celebrities in recent times and how they have built an audience rather quickly…..what is it that sets them apart? Why do people believe in their brand? Think Constance Hall, The Young Mummy (Sophie Cachia), these are real life women on social media sharing out their real stories of motherhood, depression, anxiety and the shit they go through and in turn they’ve built a cult following as women relate to them, they understand what they are saying, they are real, authentic and people trust them.

The thing with these women is that they are just as genuine, real and their actions follow through when you meet them away from the lights and glory of social media.

Your brand should be a reflection of who you really are ( away from social media)……yes the consumer may believe you initially, may purchase from you for a short while but the longevity of your business will be at risk as they start to see the cracks appear. Majority of the time it’s the Ego that sets in and your decisions are not based on self awareness… when creating a story, a social media brand be sure to make it one of authenticity that your consumer can relate to, engage with, and more importantly trust!

Have a fabulous week, Kara xx

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