The Perfect world of Social Media

What does it mean to you? That word.....Authenticity?

In the land of Facebook world its easy to get caught up living that perfect life, or at least letting everyone think that. I too have fallen victim in the past of letting people think life was chipper when in fact i was struggling in the background with motherhood, business and work/life balance.

I see myself as a positive person who always tries to see the good in all situations but that doesn't mean I don't have bad days, need to vent, have a breakdown as a mother. We all do right? But whats most important is that we stay true to ourselves.

There has been a real shift in women supporting women online and with the rise of Constance Hall, the ultimate Queen, we should be supporting other women who are struggling or having a bad day and let them know its ok to share. Its normal to have a shit day but its how we respond and move forward that shows our real strength.

In business "authenticity" is the key to success because people don't buy what you have for the product, they buy into YOU and your passion. Majority of people I work with get so caught up in "selling" their product and wonder why they struggle with selling and why people aren't connecting or relating to them. Its passion, its real, raw and honest authenticity that potential prospects, customers etc buy into.

I'm sure in the past my friends have looked at my social media and thought thats not who she is, thats not her personality in the real world.....and it was something that I worked hard to rectify. But what this journey has taught me over time is that people see through the materialistic bullshit and disconnect. So, I worked hard on myself, my personal development and took a stand on what I didn't like. It was an overnight change when I realised what I'd become and now those friends that see my positive, empowering, inspiring social media presence know that I now walk the talk. And for those that only see me as who I use to be and bicker and giggle in the background......they aren't friends.....or real ones anyway.

Being "authentic" and writing about the struggle of a hard headed two year old with behavioural issues made people see the real me, the Kara that shed tears, that struggled with the melt downs cos I couldn't control it but it also showed my friends, family and audience that I was real. That was one of the hardest blogs to ever write and level up to, but in turn it brought so many messages of support, people offering help and advice and a connection deeper than the Facebook perfect world with new friends, people I'd never met and women going through similar issues.

Now, I wasn't selling anything to them writing that blog or post, I was simply writing my authentic self thoughts and people resonated with it. There is nothing worse than seeing social media presence for both businesses and individuals that are constantly selling, spamming newsfeed with their products or simply posting every time they are out partying, drinking, or boasting about how perfect their world is, and not letting people into the real world of that individual.

So, what does it mean to you? Authenticity? Is it that you work full time in a job you hate and aspire to more in your life, is it that you had a less fortunate upbringing and want to offer your children more, is it that you have dreams of travelling but have never had the funds to? Is it that you suffer depression or anxiety and think people will judge you? Is it that you are covering up your insecurities but really should be talking to help resolve what the issues are? Well let people know, share your dream, your vision and your authentic why so people can go on a journey with you.

How? How do you do this? I'm not a good writer I hear you say....I'm not confident at doing videos you are telling yourself. Well start slowly by posting a pic with a paragraph on what you've always wanted to do, share a story about what you are struggling with behind the scenes, start by getting real with yourself.

You'd be surprised on the impact it can really have and the support you will receive!

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