Do you plagiarise others material?

They say that immitation is a form of flattery......but is it?

We've all got that one friend, colleague, business associate or family member that copies everything we do and its long been known that immitation is a form of flattery, but is it really or is it just simply annoying?

Whether its a handbag, piece of jewellery, fashion or how you conduct your business, I think there is a fine line between copying something after you've complimented it or just plain and simply plagiarising something and claiming it as yours.

Ultimately, we all copy someone with things we like becuase we live in a world of referrals, magazines, internet research and many other tools and I too have copied many things from friends, family, people I admire. But I must say I'm the first to compliment them on that item and ask where they got it. I am also quick to credit the source, brand, where and how I found it when someone asks me about my new purchase, business idea, project, jewellery etc.

I've had people copy my jewellery, handbag and clothing choices on a number of ocassions but never seem to compliment me when I'm wearing it, say "oh where did you get that, I love it" and to be honest I don't think its a major thing if its the odd thing here and there, but when its multiple items and happening multiple times I think its just rude and annoying.

I spend alot of time on personal development, online research, self help, networking, what works and what doesn't, fashion and jewellery trends I like. I am always happy to share my ideas, findings and research with others. It is annoying and disheartening though when people plagiarise your ideas though never credit the source, claim the idea as their own, bring a whole drama around what it is they have supposedly found, are doing, have started, not worked etc.

The online world is rampant with imitation, copies etc and with reposting on Instagram and sharing on Facebook very accessible I remind you that its always important to credit the source if you are going to share out others info by taking a snapshot etc. It makes the source feel good, it helps build their following and network as your followers may well find inspiration in their posts and remember what you put out you get back so don't be surprised if you get a repost, shoutout or credit from those recipients yourself. This is the greatest way to build your brand and business, by tapping into others networks and sharing (while crediting) photos and posts. Instagram especially is a great way to build engagement and following, so by tagging the original source they will see it and majority of the time thank you, like or engage in the post.

So people, the saying goes in life, fashion and business that Immitation is the biggest form of flattery, but really please just show some respect to the person you are copying, what you are copying and simply pay a compliment to the person and/or publicly.

Be different and stand out from the crowd,

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