Tips for Maintaining Loyal Customers

I recently had a client of mine make a bold statement “customers don’t have any loyalty anymore” to which I asked “why do you think that is? What loyalty do they owe you?”

In a world of new age business, social media and accessibility people are seeking value, a point of difference and quality for their money. You need to build trust with your customers, and give them a reason for them to return.

Think about what you offer your existing customers because statistics show that building a new client base is harder than getting sales from existing customers. Do you offer them a personalised service, free birthday product or service during the month of their birthday, are you updating your resources to stay up with the customer demand etc?

Think about it this way……If I was attending the same restaurant for 8 years every month and during that time I wasn’t offered a personalised service, a discount here and there and/or appreciation from the restauranteer then I would question whether he values my business. We all want to feel appreciated and that’s why large retailers are moving towards loyalty cards, exclusive discounts and more.

We live in a world where sales and discounts are everywhere in a competitive service and retail industry so have a hard look at what you offer your existing client base because their money is just as important as your service, so if you aren’t servicing them 100% then you aren’t getting their loyalty or more importantly their money.

Here are some tips for creating loyal customers:

** Make them feel special by sending out random thank you cards

** Send them something special for their birthday, a discount, a free add on service or product

** Random acts of kindness are always a bonus.....randomly give them a freebie or extra special service

** For every 10 visits they have with your offer them something in return

** Offer something for referred business, word of mouth is one of your biggest assets so incentivise

** Keep your store, resources and service up to date and fresh to keep them interested

** A point of difference.......what makes them want to come to you that you do better than competitors

MOST OF ALL......SHOW APPRECIATION both verbally and through your actions.

There is usually a common solution to this problem…..they don’t feel valued and you arent’ appreciative and grateful enough for their service.

©2017-2020 by Kara Vaina. 

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