it just common sense?

They say that common sense is just common sense but is it really a normal thing to come by these days? It regularly occurs to me that its punishment to have common sense these days as you have to deal with everyone who doesn’t have it. In a world where we encourage people to be proud, strong, stand up in what they believe we forget about teaching the good old fashioned ethics or etiquette that come with it.

If its personal it doesn’t take much to be courteous, considerate, have manners and strong ethics. It maybe as simple as replying to a message in a respectable amount of time, saying please and thank you, keeping appointments, not showing up late to lunches and dinners all the time disrespecting your friends time assuming others should work to your time schedule.

And if its professional, responding to emails in a courteous manner, not embarrassing yourself publicly or on social media, not cross promoting your business potentially stealing others contacts or prospects nor selling yourself to the devil to ensure a deal gets done. None of these are cool, never have been and never will be.

I’ve been brought up with strong ethics, where calling people to thank them for gifts is a must, having manners, appreciating what people do and the time they give up for you, respecting others busy schedules so I expect the same in return. In my work life I choose to only work with people with the same ethics as me and I’m proud to say I instill this in my team. I think its great that we can train people, have fantastic support platforms and access leaders whenever we need but I believe that training and providing assistance on work etiquette is a must with your respectable teams. We, as people/leaders generally know what’s right or wrong in our profession, whether it’s a corporate position, receptionist, customer service, retail sales, home based businesses or any profession for that matter so why not incorporate that into your training for your new team members, staff, colleagues etc.

Never assume that everyone has common sense, that being said you don’t need to treat them like an imbecile but explain to them the do’s and dont’s of their profession, the wrongs and rights, things that work, things that don’t, what others have learnt so they too aren’t making the same embarrassing mistakes as it has an impact on your brand, business and company. Its sometimes the smalls things that can make your business grow but ‘ethics and common sense’ is high up my priority list.

So you have to ask yourself, what is important to you and your it simply just getting your product to market or the people that represent your brand and their work ethics. No point having a fantastic brand if the people that are marketing or representing it are not doing it correctly. Invest in the people that will grow your business and your business will grow.

Much luv, K xx

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