Down the garden path

Ensuring your business is growing organically comes down to a couple of key areas. One; hard work and passion …..Two; boosting morale within your team. But, have you ever thought about how you synergise the two and get it just right.

It never feels like hard work when what you do is a passion, so as long as you are driven to follow your passion it won’t be hard work. That being said, success doesn’t’ just arrive on your doorstep. There are things that successful people sacrifice to become successful. If your heart is in what you do, and you are passionate about what you are doing then these sacrifices won’t matter to you when they occur. Yes it can be hard work and yes there are great rewards but the culmination of these two things come hand in hand so you need to map out what and why you are doing to achieve your end result. I often get people saying to me “I’d love to be as successful as you” “you are doing so well” “how did you do it” and my answer is always the same……passion to help others, hard work and focus.

Life isnt’ handed to us on a silver platter so I’ve had to make sacrifices along the way but finding a healthy balance is what its about. I set out goals, I work with the team, I lead by example, I offer guidance and support unconditionally, I am accessible most hours of the day so in turn these are little sacrifices I make to help others achieve greatness. Its not about achieving a short term goal then walking away to assume others have the same drive as you…..they need you, they need your passion, they need your drive and guidance because they want to be motivated by what you’ve achieved and see that you are really there to help get them there too.

I’ve always said that you can teach anyone anything as long as they have the right attitude, however make sure you not leading them down the garden path. We all have those people that have the right attitude but are still happy to go off and do their own thing and not learn from the mistakes of others. Yes its good for people to learn the hard way but that being said we don’t want to “blow smoke up their arse” so six months down the track they are in the same position. We need to be really leading them, giving them constructive feedback about what works and what doesn’t, guide them on how to do it so that the path ahead is straight not a crooked uneven brick road.

There’s a fine line between boosting confidence and blowing smoke up someone’s arse so find a balance. We build up our team when they are doing great, acknowledge their successes but we also need to lead them the right way and pull the reigns in if they are going down a “no through road” once travelled before. There is no use have an amazing platform, training and support if we can’t put friendship aside to focus on what is the best business decision for them and in turn they must be open to this to see that it’s the way forward with less heart ache.

So really finding a good balance between the two is not always easy however if we continue to lead, work hard with our passion the two will fall into place working in unison and show others the way its really done!

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