You can't be serious?

You can't be serious!

When I began working for myself, at home, I didn't really take it serious, no planning, no "work" times, no clear office space to focus but I fast learnt this was not going to get me far. I enjoyed making a phone call here and there, sitting on the couch watching TV whilst working on the laptop, browsing my iPad for research but never really achieved much and found I got stuck browsing Facebook for hours on end.

Yes we've all done it, start checking social media only to realise two hours has past by and you've achieved nothing. I've now limited my time on Facebook, Instagram. LinkedIn and any other social media platforms by setting allocated time slots in my diary for posts and checking notifications/messages at 830am/1130am/4pm and 830pm onwards. These are times for checking and posting, times that mothers have dropped and picked up kids from school, professionals about to start work, about to go to lunch, and or everyone's relaxed after dinner/kids in bed and time to chill on the couch and jump on social media.

I spent time cleaning out the office to make a respectable working space, leave the laptop on the workstation plugged in with my goals and vision board in sight. It's here I retreat to make and take calls, research my next client, follow up existing customers and prospects, and map out my to do list for the coming weeks and months. Yes working from home has its benefits but unless you take it serious then you'll never make it work or succeed. I make sure I get up, shower, make up on and dress presentable because that's what puts me in the right headspace for the day ahead. I have two specific work days a week I schedule diary appointments, meetings, interviews, coffees etc and then on other days my appointments, calls, training and team support are around my children. Yes business doesn't stop outside of those times but I need to offer my kids and family time so I can then allocate 100% focus to my work when I'm working. Remember you have a Home Based Business not a Home Bound Business.

Setting this out in a vaguely structured or routine manner allows me to focus when I need to and then reconnect with others at the right time. It restricts the distractions and also the questions from outsiders like "what are you doing today" or "are you busy or have meetings?". My answer to those distractions is "I'm working" and that way they know I'm serious. It's too easy for others not to take us serious when working from home assuming we have all the time in the world. You can have free time but you aren't being productive or striving to succeed if you aren't really "working".

It's since I've changed my perspective on "serious business" my business has gotten serious. So if you are serious about where you want to take your business, hobby or passion then set out your plan, have an area you can focus away from the kids, TV or everyday distractions and get going. You won't look back and those around you will notice the difference in your ability to perform and succeed!

Much luv, K xx

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